Born in Canada, Chris Lee HT PLR currently lives in Ontario, Canada.

Chris Lee’s evolution into behavioural patterns and personality traits began when he spent over 8 years as a Police Constable. This environment provided onsite observation of people in a wide range of situations. Drawing from these life experiences, he gained knowledge and insight of the ebbs and tides in people’s lives.

He completed his formal training in Clinical Hypnotherapy in 1995  in Vancouver, BC Canada, which just utilized current life therapy. During the following twelve months, he further developed his expertise by studying the effects of past life regression with clients. As a result this evolved into his own unique style of Past Life Regression and Progression™ therapy.

By using his technique, Chris found his effectiveness in helping his clients increased from about 20% using current life therapy to about 95% using Past Life therapy.

Over the years, he has taken both men and women from all walks of life through thousands of Past and Future Lives. This includes medical doctors, nurses, dentists, veterinarians, psychologists, hospitality workers, lawyers, business owners, teachers, retirees, actors, entertainers, accountants, etc.

Chris’s ability to immediately put people at ease, confidently guides clients into a positive learning mindset helping them get the best results from their Past Life Regression and Progression™ therapy session.

His mantra is, “if you are not sure whether it’s your past lives or your imagination, but your life improves, then it doesn’t really matter…does it?”


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