Karen Duperron – AB

Karen Duperron, PLR CHT, M. Ed, Reiki Master

Karen has been involved with healing energies since she began her Reiki training in 1997. She has worked as a teacher both public and private school classrooms in Canada, Thailand, Switzerland and Brazil. Karen offers past life regression hypnotherapy sessions, Reiki classes and animal communication sessions.

Karen is honored to have joined Chris Lee’s team of past life regression hypnotherapists in 2015. Karen learned of Chris Lee’s past life regression hypnotherapy method in 2012 when she had her first of three past life sessions with Chris. Since then Karen has taken Chris Lee’s course in Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy and was awarded her PLR CHT certificate. Karen understands that past life regression hypnotherapy is extremely effective for deep cellular healing. Karen lives near Stony Plain, Alberta. 

She can be reached at