Karen Rose – AB

Karen Rose, PLR CHT, M. Ed, Reiki Master

Karen began her journey into healing in 1997 when she earned her first two levels of Reiki training while living and working in a private international school in Bangkok, Thailand. She went on to earn her masters in Reiki in 2008 while living and working in Alberta, Canada. Karen holds a masters degree in Education and has worked as a visual arts teacher before working as an alternative healer. Karen offers all levels of Reiki training, past life regression hypnotherapy sessions, quantum touch healing, laser therapy, animal communication and healing sessions, and Spirit Sessions where channeled messages are given to clients.

Karen met Chris Lee when she had her first past life regression session and was amazed at the clarity of past life recall as well as the healing effect a past life regression session had on her. She went on to complete her past life regression hypnotherapy training with Chris Lee in 2015. Over the years since she received her training, she has worked in a wellness centre and then moved on to her own private practice.

Karen has an animal communication and healing business helping people and their pets heal. She has worked in this field over the past ten years. You can contact her by e-mail at

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