Lori Sjostrom – AB



   Lori Sjostrom..HT PLR

   Lori was raised on a large family farm outside of Jarive, Alberta. She currently lives in Westlock, Alberta  [near        Edmonton] and enjoys drawing, painting, reading and spending time with her husband and pets.

  A firm believer in the minds ability to help the body, and the power of positive thinking, Lori was very interested in    attending a talk hosted by Chris Lee. She had always believed in past lives, but hadn't seriously investigated these  theories until her first session with Chris.

   Having an intense fear of hospitals and needles was causing very negative effects on her everyday life. Finally seeing  where these fears came from she realized the dramatic positive outcome of a Past Life Regression session.

 Lori wants to help bring this effective technique to others. Having witnessed many of her own past lives and experiencing the wonderful life changing results, Lori is very excited and enthusiastic to start her journey as a Past Life Regression Therapist trained by Chris Lee.


For more information or booking a session, email:   loriplr@yahoo.com