Rebecca Pawlechko – AB

My name is Rebecca Pawlechko.  I have completed my Masters in Social Work, specializing in Clinical Practice and have been doing counselling and therapy within my own Private Practice.  I have a passion for helping people with their issues, watching them heal and grow, and reaching their full potential.   I employ various therapy modalities in my work with people including hypnosis. 

I was inspired to use Past Life Regression Hypnosis as a therapeutic modality, as I have seen on many occasions that some of people’s issues within their current life don’t appear to have any direct cause from their current lives or they continue to struggle with the same issues repeatedly throughout their current lives.  I believe that Past Life Regression Hypnosis allows a deeper level of awareness and healing than traditional forms of talk therapy.

I did a past life regression session with Chris Lee HT CMH with great results and decided to take the Hypnotherapy program specializing in Past Life Regression that he created and teaches.

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