Tina Llewellyn-Thompson – BC

Tina Llewellyn, HT, PLR

My name is Tina Llewellyn and I have spent most of my life in British Columbia’s lower mainland. Spending the last 21 years riding and loving horses in the heart of langley. Competing in three day eventing at the national level along with 10 years of being a farrier and having the accomplishment of being one of five females in Canada to have their Journeyman in farriery. It is time to start a new road in life.

Since I can remember, I have been helping people either by being a shoulder to cry on or just listening to people talk about their challenges in life. This path, past life regression, feels very natural for me to take as I have always been into more holistic and natural ways of healing and have found a lot of relief from going through my own past lives. Finding that artist in me again as well as finding out where the urge to play the violin came from and of course my passion for horses. 

Already I have seen close relatives and clients find much relief by going to their past lives and seeing where their concerns have come from. It is such a great feeling knowing that hypnotherapy along with past life regression can help change your life for the better. I have known Chris Lee for many years now and was so happy when he decided to teach his method of past life regression. I am very thankful for him sharing his knowledge and I cannot wait to learn more.


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