Online One on One Session

If you have attended a live talk or listened to “Journey Into Past Lives” – Congratulations!!  You are now ready to schedule your personal Online One-on-One Past Life Regression and Progression™ therapy session with me, Chris Lee.

Your virtual session will take place in the comfort of your home with the use of Skype.

This Online One-on-One Session is 2 hours with me in the privacy of your home with the use of Skype to go through several past lives to help you improve your life.

One of the greatest results my clients achieve, after having an Online One-on-One session with me, is a positive change on a personal, emotional, mental and physical level in their lives.

Many clients have been able to find answers relating to unexplained aches and pains that should have healed but hadn’t.

Whether you believe in Past Lives or think it is your imagination, like the unknown noise in the night, once we can identify and understand it, we accept it and let it go.

This is your time, so I encourage you to bring along your “shopping list” of things you want to work on.

I choose the first  Past Life—it is your most confident past life, so you can use the confidence from that life to improve your confidence in this life.

After visiting the confident Past Life, you will realize how easy it is to explore your Past Lives with the method I use.

You will be more rested and ready to explore your other Past Lives.

Most of the time we clear up a lot of issues with just one session.  You may have so much fun that you would like a second Online One-on-One Session, so we can discuss that at the end.

Before proceeding please check out Requirements for using the Online One-on-One method.

Disclaimer: Past Life Regression and Progression is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease.  It is not psychotherapy or counselling.  You are responsible for seeking professional services for these areas.  You will be completely in control and responsible for your own actions at all times.  It is your responsibility to be mindful of your own well-being during and after the online session.  You understand that Chris Lee makes no guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied, about any results to be achieved during a session.

[If you have not attended Chris Lee’s “Journey Into Past Lives” talk live, you will need to listen to the Online Talk before booking a one-on-one session.]

Email Chris Lee to arrange timing for your session at