Online Talk

If you have already attended one of Chris Lee’s live talks, please email him for timing for a session.


The first step before being able to book an online session with Chris Lee, is that you will need to listen to his Online Talk “Journey into Past Lives”.

“Journey into Past Lives” is a one and 3/4 hour talk where Chris Lee explains in detail about Past Life Regression and Progression™therapy.

During the talk Chris explains:

  • The thought process, of whether it is past lives OR just imagination.
  • Why some people are more talented than others.
  • Why when meeting someone new that you feel instantly close to [or vice versa], even though you have just met them.
  • Why people have unusual fears and/or phobias that cannot be traced to any incidents or traumas in this life.

Chris Lee has experienced thousands of past (and future) lives with his clients and will share many of their interesting case histories and stories throughout this talk.

During this the talk you will learn:

  • What Reincarnation is or isn’t about.
  • How Past Lives, or “their imagination”, has helped change the lives of his clients.
  • How to improve your memory in just a few steps.
  • Things NOT to say, that can improve your health.

Cost: $25.00

View the Online Talk With Chris