Since my session, I have indeed noticed that my knee joints feel looser than they ever have before – a strange feeling.

Philippe I, Psychologist, Halifax, NS

Chris Lee is a pragmatic, soothing therapist.  His hypnotic techniques are unpretentious, straightforward, and effective.  He is trustworthy, because he does not intrude in your consciousness, but he takes you to places, and lets you see the facts as they were. And the facts turned out to be plenty good enough as far as I am concerned. He took me where I wanted to go, and, under his guidance, I discovered many details which were previously blurred and unclear.  I was liberated by confirmation of what I suspected and discovery of what I needed to learn.  I recommend him for anyone satisfied that reincarnation is just the way it is. For those who are unsure, I recommend Plato, especially the dialogues called the Meno and the Phaedo.  For those who are sure, I recommend Mr. Lee

Jack G, Lawyer, Minneapolis, MN

We had the privilege to host Chris Lee, HT, CMT, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Live Regressionist/Progressionist, not only once, but twice this past year (Feb and July) at the Centre and both times he was here, most everyone had an incredible experience and we all found it very informative and inspiring on many levels.  

We were also pleasantly blessed to have his wife here, as well, what a great team,…You know what they say…behind every good man… is a great woman!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Donna Reilly, Reiki Master/Teacher and Owner of the Fort Saskatchewan Holistic Healthcare Centre, Fort Saskatchewan, AB   www.fortsaskholistic.com

Thanks for doing regression sessions for my 2 daughters in GP. They were amazed as I was. I still am pain free and I have been off of the anti-inflammatory pills I'd have to take every 12 hours. It's amazing how simple things in this life had an impact from lives before. Keep up the great work! Love & Light

Patti M, Westlock, AB

NB: Patti could only walk with the use of a walking cane, she suffered with extreme joint pain, and had also suffered from two strokes.

I was fortunate enough to meet Chris Lee for the first time when I had my first past life regression session in Spruce Grove, AB in February, 2012. I was so impressed with my session and the results that I asked Chris if he would do sessions in Evansburg, AB in his next round. He agreed. I was given the opportunity to host Chris who did his talk and sessions at my home where I run my business, The Energetic Way. All sessions were full. I even had a few who wanted sessions but since they were full and had been for 3 weeks, I had to turn them away.

Probably what I enjoyed the most were our discussions about healing and how successful past life regression sessions are for this purpose. Chris was thoughtful, sincere, kind and very interesting to talk to. He is dedicated to healing others, and I value his service and input. The people who attended the talk and the sessions that followed were enthused and wanted to see him again. One can learn so much about oneself by having a past life regression session. I had my second session with Chris and learned such valuable information about myself, it literally changed how I felt about my mother. I am very grateful for the presence of Chris and his wife in my life. I can hardly wait until they return. My clients agree.

Karen D, The Energetic Way, Evansburg, AB, Canada www.theenergeticway.com 

Hosting a Chris Lee talk in my small town was easy. Once the date was agreed upon, Chris sent “ready-made” posters for me to put up. Simple!  I also advertised with a few people I knew who were interested in the subject. Surprisingly, only about a third of the audience were known to me, the rest were invited by friends who told them.  Most people brought a friend with them at the last minute, swelling the crowd to 29 in the last few days before the talk.  Prior to the talk we had almost scheduled one day of sessions, after the talk, we filled the second day with sessions and half of a third day.

More than a month later I am still getting requests – when will Chris Lee be back?  I highly recommend both hosting the talk and the sessions!

Leslie Pollock, Refills, Westlock AB, Canada August, 2012

(PS. On a personal note, I actually ate salsa (last weekend), a treat I have not had in about 8 years so I too can attest to the effects of the past life regression healing an allergy).

Prior to my session, with Chris Lee, I had difficulty sleeping soundly.  I would wake up between 20-30 times a night choking and could only go to sleep lying on my right shoulder, and had to always have the door to the room in the same direction I was sleeping.

During our session it was revealed that in one of my past lives, I was murdered in my sleep.  Once this was revealed, I found that I have slept much better, and not as apprehensive at night.  I now only wake up once or twice a night to go to the bathroom.  I don’t care where the doors are in the room, and I can sleep on either shoulder!  I believe I have benefited from the sessions I had with Chris and would highly recommend him to you.

John F, Abbotsford, BC, Canada 

Thank you for guiding me through a regression. It was very informative and answered lots of issues in my life. My jaw area continued to tingle all through the rest of the evening and there was no discomfort the next day as there normally is. My lungs are clear and "spacious" for the first time although my kids might succeed in giving me a cold over the next few days!


Fiona M, Coquitlam, BC

I’ve had two sessions with Chris using Skype with my webcam. The sessions were powerful, informative, healing, and fun. Chris is very knowledgeable and explained the past life regression process well. He answered all my questions and helped me feel very comfortable. In each session he led me in exploring several past lives. It was fascinating. We had a spiritual connection and he often knew what I was going to say before I said it, and felt strong energy movement when I did, despite the fact that we were thousands of miles from each other. There are many things I could comment on. One that was most striking to me was complete healing of my legs. For about a year, as evening approached, my legs would start aching. I was taking aspirin every night so that I could go to sleep. Chris guided me to a past life where my legs were paralyzed in a diving accident. After that session, I never had problems with my legs again. Amazing. I highly recommend Chris’ services.
Sara B. Houston, TX, USA

I really enjoyed the experience and I am indeed seeing positive changes. In fact, just about every day I discover another puzzle piece from my past that helps me understand a little bit more about myself.

You ask about my neck pain….there is no neck pain!!! That's how it's doing. I haven't had another moment's pain since our session.[I had the pain daily for 20 years].

Even after this weekend when I fell and twisted my back (and excruciating neck pain usually goes hand in hand with the back pain for me), I was laid up on the couch for two days, my neck felt fine and for that I cannot thank you enough! It's neat how that works and it makes me smile.

It was great to hear from you. Just to let you know, long before I ever came to see you I would have periodic flashes of different times and places usually triggered by meeting someone and I haven't had them for a long time, but since our session it's been happening from time to time but no dreams so far.

Update-Four Months Later:
I still have no neck pain and it makes me smile to realize I haven't had to buy another pillow since I saw you (which is a real record for me!)

I have however, continued to have a few more dreams that leave me, upon waking, feeling very confident, kind of like I'm filling in the blanks. I seem to have a fairly good sense of recall that sticks with me after I wake up. Things like, time and place, it's pretty neat.

Lynda H, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

I run a monthly Dowsing Group in a small village in Herefordshire. This is affiliated with the British Society of Dowsers where I believe Chris found my details. He contacted me from Canada and asked if he could lead a talk to the group. I snapped him up as we are always interested in new topics and new faces. He put together a poster which I placed around local villages and the nearest town and we achieved an audience of over 30, not bad for a small village event.

Chris’s talk covered case studies of regressions he had carried out and the great benefits people had achieved from the experience. His style was witty, professional and very informative and resulted in a number of people (including myself and my Partner) requesting Regressions which were held at my home. We both found it very interesting and useful and it whetted the appetite for more.

Dr Janet Devey, Weobley Dowsers, Herefordshire, UK 

I just wanted to say thank you for a most transforming and interesting, past life regression session!  My individual session was most enlightening and helpful but the real 'stunner' was the joint regression you conducted for me and my 'soul-sister' friend (now I KNOW we have been together before.) Thank you so much. What a fascinating experience for us both.   May you continue to bring understanding and enlightenment to many others.  Blessed be.

Claire M, Fakenham, Norfolk, UK

Very much enjoyed. Still difficult to digest the event, let alone the information. Didn't "believe it" until well into the session I think I held myself back during… Mentally, mildly uplifted I would say from being involved in something that feels both emotionally good and intensely personal at the same time as being intimidating and adventurous.
So…mentally good so far I would say…a bit uplifted.Also, life's not always fair or just, but a few people have said since I have the "MD" title, that coming from me, they will believe me that it is a good thing and would try it. As if the MD title makes one more credible with respect to past life regression. C'est la vie.
Dr. Darren J, Smithers, BC, Canada

For 20 years.. a constant feeling of dread, like a shadow hanging over my life. I started to see a psychiatrist..after I had my first past life regression with Chris Lee, this would be permanently changed.The main reason that I decided to have the regression was because of the overwhelming anxiety in my life. For the first time, in my entire life, I was able to relax! I had never, ever felt what it was like to relax.One of my main concerns was that I was also terrible afraid of water.. have never learned to swim because of it, but after my session, I found that my phobia of water left me! My friends invited me to go with them to the lake, and I went without a single worry or doubt in my mind. I even submerged myself in the water, and it felt great!I recommend having a session with Chris Lee. He’s relaxing to be around, he’s very understanding, and he doesn’t make a person feel like very being watched or judged. I felt safe and confident while I was going through even the most miserable moments in my memory. The quality of my life has improved. I’m able to relax, my sex life has improved, and my social life has improved too. Overall it was an incredible experience, and I think that everyone should be able to experience something that meaningful.
Rebecca T, Mission, BC, Canada

My initial visit with Chris was to find out why I had a fear of heights, which he addressed and cleared up for me in just one session.  We then visited a talented past life, where I discovered I was a singer, in Chicago in the 1930s.   My experience of that past life opened up another avenue, writing.  So I am currently working on a book, taking the information and experiences (which I researched afterwards) of the person I was during that life, and expanding it into (hopefully) a novel.

Ann P, Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK

I loved the session and I am already booked with you when you come back and I want to see you every time you come in …. I have lots of stuff to work on! My list keeps getting longer and longer. WOW… Wouldn't it be cool to get rid of all the crap holding me back from truly living life to the fullest?So I have quit biting my nails and eating has been a bit too much, but I am exercising lots and I have been listening to your CDs……They are fantastic …. I do, on a whole, feel better . So I thank you! Warm wishes.
Loralie, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

The day after I saw you Chris, all that deep-seated, where-did-THAT-come-from rage was all gone. And the haunted feeling that something really bad had happened to me disappeared. Suddenly, unexpected events and weird life twists happened. Some happy. Some not so happy. Some just recycling life.I will tell you this — if you had NOT been there, I would not have survived. And I would not have discovered the new path I was meant to go. It's been so incredible.
Dr. H, Soldotna, AK, USA

My sugar cravings have lessened….. I can control it for the most part, whereas I could not before. I have been telling people of my success.

Mavreen, Delta, BC, Canada

Someone suggested that I should have a one on one session with Chris, but being a sceptic,  I was reluctant to partake.  During the session I was awake the whole time, and he took me back to one past life dated about three hundred years ago.  I was so surprised and found that it answered a lot of questions I had about things happening in this life right now.   I would recommend anyone to try it, as Chris has an amazing ability to put you at ease and to get to the root of the things that are affecting you in this life.

Colin A, Queensland Australia

Interestingly enough with some web searching, I found out the name I mentioned with the first life that came up, Asmid, is actually a city from Mesopotamia. Very interesting.

Also my lungs seem a lot clearer. Thanks.  


Dena L, Mission, BC, Canada

My shoulder took a while to get better but it is fine now. I intend that this is the last time I have to deal with it. The sinus headache also stopped.  I have lots more ‘stuff’ that I’m looking forward to clearing and more past lives I’d like to visit when you are here again.
Beatriz, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

I am happy to say that I'm no longer freaked out from open closet doors. lol. I really enjoyed doing the regressions.
Donna A, Chilliwack, BC, Canada
NB: Prior to session Donna could not sleep in a room if the closet door was open

I just want to say thank you for coming to Everyday Miracles and sharing your gifts with us. I am still integrating my session. Did not at all expect that. I know that it has changed me and the way I think. You have a wonderful spirit and a tremendous gift that you are sharing with others. Again thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey. Keep following your heart and when it leads you back to Alberta know that we would be very grateful to have you share again with us.

Now is the time. I will never forget that. From the depths of my heart I thank you.


Lisa, Owner of Everyday Miracles, Luduc, AB, Canada

NB: She was reluctant to do a session but after hearing from the people that had sessions as they left and told her about their experiences, she scheduled one for the next day.

Thank you so much for all you did up here, for the help you gave to people. I have heard wonderful things from the people who came and had the sessions with you.
The Zen Garden, Focused on Wellness, Prince George, BC, Canada

In regards to clearing (the pain in) my right side, I haven't noticed it as much lately, it usually comes up when I'm dealing with certain issues, I have to say it hasn't been noticeable since our session.
Vivianne B, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

I loved your talk. I found it to be very funny, insightful and honest.
Alex, Toronto, ON, Canada

I haven't had any more back or neck pain it's amazing. No numbness like I would usually get. The only time since our session I'd have back/neck pain again was from work or day to day lifting/moving things.  And it's not even as much as I used to have. Thank you.
Breezy D, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Just to note, I did some follow up on my past life information I got and it totally backed it up! Amazing!!    I was so excited looking into it! Thank you again for the wonderful workshop. Thank you.

Nicole S, Chilliwack, BC, Canada

Before the session we were asked to identify a couple of things that were recurrent in present day (issues). I made reference to family issues and money issues, as I recall. In the second past life which was supposed to identify a talent, I went to a time when I was a young soldier. My assignment was to watch for Indians in a certain area in the woods and report sightings to “the colonel” , who I hated. I knew his intention was to kill the Indians so I would not report the sightings.When Chris asked me if I was “scouting” in my present life I felt like a HUGE light went on. As a child, I was often sent to see what mood my father was in – he was an emotionally abusive, angry man. I was the youngest in the family and was also expected to cajole him. If he was angry I would report back to the family – somehow I came to believe it would keep them safe from his “attacks”.At the same time, I was awakened to the fact that I also do, and have done this, in work situation where there has been an unreasonable or abusive person (usually someone in authority)!
WOW! What an insight for me and also a huge relief – almost instantly I let go of that urge to respond in that fashion. This revelation has impacted me in my present work situation (I no longer feel as though it’s my responsibility to alert anyone to a mood or complaint). In my own extended family I have almost totally let go of the feeling of responsibility for alerting everyone to potential “attacks, gossip or emotional hot spots.I’m so grateful to you, Chris, for having the skills and intuition to expose this “hidden” baggage – my journey from here on in, has been made lighter. Thank you.
Pat S., Calgary, AB, Canada

It seems every time I have injured myself, it has been my left side. I broke my left ulna when I was seven.  In college at age 18 I managed to get wedged between two stone walls inside a crevice while hiking.. I took advantage of a sports clinic for treatment. I had damaged ligaments and tendons in my shoulder and shoulder blade. Two weeks of daily hot and cold treatments were quite effective but the injury never quite healed completely. I was told that once the ligaments are stretched to snapping point that they rarely ever go back to normal.

Fast forward to age 28 and weekly horseback riding excursions.. early November 1989 while riding … in full gallop, my horse crested a hill which had a slippery mud slick . his legs started to slide out from under him I made a split second decision to bail off .. I threw myself sideways and as I sailed through the air, managed to turn myself so the full impact would be on my back and not my face. I landed with a thud on my left shoulder blade and as my head snapped back, I whiplashed my neck .. my head inches from a huge rock. Fate or what eh? I had no memory of anything after the fall. My shoulder and back often hurt after stress or heavy lifting….. On the occasion of my next injury, I was working for a large stable………… the work was very physically challenging ……. While exercising two race horses……. The filly I was leading was spooked ……… my entire body was lifted off the seat of the cart and for a split second I was suspended in the air, my arms stretched like depictions of the ancient art of drawing and quartering people….. My shoulders were on fire and the pain in my left shoulder was unbearable. I knew I had some major damage as I had felt the joints pop. My right shoulder was sore but the left shoulder and arm were numb and useless. I had managed to re-injure my old injury and was offered cortisone shots as nothing else could be done. There were no broken bones and aside from massage therapy, no medical treatment ……. lived with continuous pain for the past 12 years….. It never got better and on occasions, the pain was so bad I wanted to rip my arm off. Turning my head to the right was nearly impossible.

After my regression session and a good nights' sleep, I awoke with no neck pain and my shoulder blade did not have that  "just smacked with a two by four" feeling. It has been a week and still no pain aside from an arthritic shoulder and some nerve damage from my injuries, and am pain free. I can turn my head to the left and right without pain and creaking sounds. I attribute this to the regression where I was hit with mace from behind, shattering my left shoulder blade and rendering my arm useless. Before the session, I had visions of running and being hit from behind by a double bladed battle axe. The regression cleared this up and now I hope I can move on to projects I have wanted to tackle but have not been able to do physically. Thank you Chris.

Nada A, Hamilton, ON, Canada

Chris, You have helped so many people in so many ways. I think it has been perfect timing. I do hope we see you again in the future if you come to England. I am sure we will all stay in touch.

Allison Emmerson, Angels & Roses Holistic Centre, Acklam, N. Yorkshire, UK  http://www.angelsroses.co.uk


Thanks Chris, By the way, probably no shock to you but … I went swimming with S at the weekend and not only did I manage to put my head under water, I did a summersault too – don't think I've EVER done that!!!  Thank you.

Debi L, Acklam, N. Yorkshire, UK

NB Debi had a fear of water prior to her regression.

I thoroughly enjoyed the regression, thank you.

The heartburn has improved…….The butterflies – well, it's the wrong time of the year to test this out!  Interestingly enough, I've been doing some abstract art recently and some of the results turned out (unintentionally) looking like butterflies.

As for the weight, I can say that I always used to snack a lot in addition to meals (especially in the evenings) and now I tend to eat only when I feel hungry.

Carole  M, Stockton, N. Yorkshire, UK

Thank you so much Chris…..I find it so fascinating that I am able to retain so much of what we talked about.

You know, as for my knees, you're right!!!  I didn't really think about them that much but definitely the pain I had been experiencing in the past has subsided considerably.  I even walked 230 km along the Camino de Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage and they didn't give me much grief….Thanks so much for this.

Jan W, Hamilton, ON, Canada

I just wanted to thank you for the workshop at Acklam yesterday and also the one to one session. Your information on the subconscious was informative and interesting and will help me in my role.

I left yesterday as many probably do thinking what a fantastic imagination I have 🙂 after a good night’s sleep and some reflection time early morning, I trusted it was definitely not my imagination. It takes me a step further on my journey. Many Blessings to you .

Sarah T, Owner, Healing Practitioner, Qualified Teacher, Sacred Space, Eaglescliffe, Stockton, UK

I hosted Chris Lee in my Spiritual Center.  He contacted me from BC, as he organized his tour across Canada.  My first impression was that he was: confident, knowledgeable on his subject, and very organized with research material, information on his services and articles that I would need for advertising and booking appointments.  Over the phone he also portrayed a sweet charm, sense of humor, and a compassion that I trusted.

Upon his arrival he seemed genuinely interested in the Center's surroundings and accomplishments.  I felt as one Lightworker meets another – recognition and acknowledgement from a fellow comrade.  We had a successful turnout to his presentation and following: booking of private sessions.  His presentation was a combination of humor, research, and experience. A bit for those who were somewhat new to this subject, plus deeper information as he guided us all into his wisdom as a group.  I got to watch Chris's supportive approach to each individual client and he provided opportunities for follow up if wanted.  I also got to spend time with each client after their session to hear their personal experience, opinion and healing testimonials.  This has been a very rewarding experience for my Center, my colleagues, and my community. For those considering hosting Chris:  I highly recommend him!!!!

I personally, received a past life regression session, and am thankful for the insights, healing and transformation in areas that I asked for help.  Much gratitude!

Carol Layton, Nan's Rock Shop and Spiritual Center, Wilmot, NS, Canada   www.nansrockshop.com

Initially I had never heard of him, so when Chris Lee called me and introduced himself as a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Past Life Regressionist and said he was coming to my area and would like to put on a workshop and do some sessions if needed.  Well, the first thing I did was check this guy out!  Can't have just "anybody" showing up at the Lotus and doing things!  Hmmm – looked good. So we made a date.  But I must say, I was very doubtful this would happen. Even though I had offered some truly great talks & workshops, we just couldn't get enough people to show up to make it a go. Being a small town, we're lucky to have 7 people for a talk – 10 is divine luck!

Well, by the time Chris arrived for his Talk, my little back room was filled, and they spilled out into the hallway! I have never had so many people at one talk since we've opened 8 years ago!  Then this man got up and spoke – and wow, what a presence!  I've seen a lot of great speakers in my day, but I must say Chris Lee's talk was one of the best I've ever been too.

Chris is smart, funny, and very informative on his topic – Past Life Regression! He answered all the questions we threw at him and didn't duck any!  If you get the chance to have Chris Lee come to YOUR little store and do a presentation – do it!  And if his wife shows up in the crowd and you happen to sit next to her – oh – all the more fun!!!   Do I need to say – that Chris had many bookings for the next 2 days, and RETURNED for more on his way back through the county.

Cindy – Owner of The White Lotus Wellness for Mind, Body, Spirit, New Glasgow NS, Canada   www.thewhitelotus.ca

A lot of changes have happened I will tell you about the most significant ones….. first of all I awoke the next morning and my head was clearer , I didn't have any pressure that I had been waking up to for so long, I waited to get excited but with time it only got better!  Keep in mind now that they were getting worse daily and were so bad when I came to you, the headaches were making me feel very sick to my stomach – almost every day, so thank you for that.  As for the artists life I didn't really want to look into that but now know it’s because I'm learning the same lesson in this one and doing about as well as i did back then . Thanks again.

Laurie L, Swift Current, SK, Canada

Thank you Chris for the evening talk that you gave at my church.  It was a pleasure working with you.  Your talk was very informative, enjoyable and entertaining.  As a co-organizer for the event I was surprised by the number of people who showed up.  It exceeded my expectations and the evening was a success!   As well, the number of sessions that were booked after the talk was more than I expected.  Two months later I continue to hear interesting stories from those who did past life work with you.  Thank you for your professional service and wonderful healing work.   

Josephine D, Lighthouse Spiritual Centre, Cloverdale, BC, Canada   www.lighthousespiritualcentre.ca

Hi Chris, I have been very well. No migraines. I told my sister about being in a past life with her without getting into more details.   My relationships with co-workers and friends are much more relaxed as well. I have recommended the sessions to several people with some very good responses.   Yes, I definitely would book another session.  I listen to the relaxation plus CD every night and find it very helpful for stress relief and a good night's sleep.  I teach chair yoga and give a deep progressive relaxation at the end which my students like.

Margaret L, Swift Current, SK, Canada 

I had a session with you in Maple Creek. Since our session, I have been even more confident and direct than I had been prior to taking the journey into my grey matter.  I don't pull punches and walk a little straighter with my head held higher.  My shoulder and neck stopped hurting and anytime I hold my knife it truly feels like an extension of my hand as it should. (More industry language I suppose.)

Another thing that has happened since my session is that I have become pretty lucky when it comes to games of chance. ……. A few days later I went and played a few dollars and walked out a few hundred up.

I guess what I am saying, is that since my session, I have become more of a "do-er".   I'm really digging it too!   Since I have had 89 past lives, I am on number 90, 48 were female, 41 male and only glimpsed five (Watchmaker, Butcher, Governor, Soldier and Primitive Farmer), I would very much like to tap into myself again and see what else I have laying on the shelf waiting to be discovered.  Cheers,

Michael M, Maple Creek, SK, Canada 

NB: Michael is a Chef …. and sent me a further email a few months later …..

Chris, Hey, Aside from everything I mentioned in that first email to you, the only other change I have noticed since my session is that I have been teaching myself to play guitar. I bought a round neck dobro and while I may not be ready to charge admission just yet, I'm coming right along. Cheers

Michael M, Maple Creek, SK, Canada 

Thank you so very much for the session …… I've been able to research some of the dates and get an even clearer picture of conditions during the times mentioned – fascinating stuff!

I did want to tell you about an experience I had where I was in a situation that involved heights and water – two of my fears.……. suffice to say that I remained calm and objective through an event that, previous to our session, would have seen me panic stricken and irrational with fear. How very cool!

Lynda N, Kelowna, BC, Canada

I wanted you to know that it was a very good and healing session.  I was frazzled coming in and very dazed leaving but it helped a lot with my leg.  A few days later if my leg started to act up a bit I just could remember the session and have it calm down.  There seems to be some crossing over between the 2 worlds going on.  It was very helpful on lots of levels.  I could feel a lot of processing going on in my mind and body especially the first two to three days.  Very interesting experience!

I have done previous meditation and even some hypnosis that may have implied previous lives or links but your questioning pattern really did help for clarification through this experience… even when it wasn't the most exciting story or tales, the details made more sense in a personal way, over time.   Take care & keep up the good work,

Theresa P, Delta, BC, Canada

Regarding roller coasters, not tried that out yet, but watching them on YouTube with my grandson, there was no fear sparked or sickness felt, as before. The lower back pain and left side of body pain, have gone, my left knee cracked twice and feels completely different!!!

Regarding my fear of men, haven't noticed any difference but what l really notice is the difference is my confidence levels which have grown and a really grounded sense of enjoyment!  Life just seems to be getting better and better!!!

l can't thank you enough Chris for your very skilled work and the change you have made to my life!!!

Margaret G, Middlesbrough, N. Yorkshire, UK

Thank you for the sessions we had. It was an amazing experience.  My back, leg and shoulder have improved, which has amazed me.  I manage to sleep, move, and walk without the intensity of the pain….. which has left me feeling much better. So thank you for your help.  Thank you for your time. God bless.

Sharon and Eileen M, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK

Hope all is well, it's been quite the journey thanks.  My back doesn't hurt anymore it did for a bit,  but it's completely gone now.

Anna T, Fort McMurray, AB

Thank you so much for my session. I feel wonderful and energized. Lots to think about and to be grateful for.

Caroline K, Ottawa, ON

You gave a great presentation at the Questers meeting in Kelowna!

Teresa B, Kelowna, BC, Canada

Just wanted to say thanks again for making your talk today so entertaining and informative, especially in that heat, (Saltburn). I spoke briefly to you afterwards, but I wanted to say thanks again. Best wishes mate.

Mike H, Saltburn, N. Yorkshire, UK 

The last 2 years of my life have been amazing and transformative for me!  You would hardly recognize me at all!  I've "let go" of so much emotionally negative energy that had been damaging to my spirit and holding me down, and in the process I have physically let go of nearly 100 lbs as well.  My own business is maturing and taking me in directions I could not have imagined, and I'm now feeling called to put a lot of energy into writing….. And, as to the migraines, I haven't experienced one in approximately 18 months.  (Hooray!)

Christina P, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

When Chris Lee came to my shop and put on a very informative and entertaining Talk, many signed up for a private hypnotherapy session with him. I hadn't planned on being one of his customers, but after hearing him speak I thought maybe it WAS possible for me to be hypnotized.  Not only was I hypnotized, I was startled by a past life regression that was extremely emotional, joyous; and informative for a physical problem that I was having in THIS lifetime. I had been having heartburn pretty much 24/7 no matter what I ate. Nothing seemed to help. After the session the heartburn disappeared. I kept waiting for it to come back. I even spent one evening eating all the worst triggers! I might have put on a few pounds that evening – but no heartburn. It's been 2 months and STILL no heartburn!  My prescription – Chris Lee.  Hmmm, I wonder what I can get fixed the next time he comes here.

Cindy – owner of the White Lotus Wellness for Mind, Body and Spirit, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada

Well my neck and shoulder pain is gone. Plus the grinding in the shoulder is gone. Hip pain is better. Muscles on the anterior part of the pelvis are pulling much less now.  What is interesting is that my visions have increased now.  I am traveling all over not sure where these places are. It was nice to meet you. Namaste

Teresa B, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Update – 2012

I have no neck pain since that session.  It's awesome…. Other's notice difference in my energy and my body pain was less. Like my chiropractor and Massage Therapist!!!

Teresa B, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Hi Chris, You helped with stress and problems with snakes.

Dan A, Kelowna, BC, Canada

It was truly a remarkable and memorable experience. One that will stay with us for the rest of our lives! Our  experiences set a "light bulb" off. We understand now. I have strongly recommended you to my family and friends. Thank you Chris.

Rick & Sue M, Estevan, SK, Canada

My husband and I attended a talk with you at the Kenora Massage and Wellness Centre. We both had "one-on-ones" with you the following day, which blew our minds (!)  We have benefited greatly from our experiences with past life regression therapy sessions and fully intend to book with you again should you return to Kenora, Ontario in the future. Blessings,

Kathy and Pierre P, Kenora, ON, Canada

Just thought I would drop you a quick note on how things have been going with myself since my session.

I have no anxiety anymore with people touching my children.   Before my session it was very real and very scary to the point where we did not go anywhere with the kids. After the session I remember a stranger touching my baby and after it happened I realized I didn't react. Now it is like a distant memory.

My hip and my back have not caused me pain anymore. I had back and hip pain for years and now I know I can jump up and chase the kids without having to wait (used to have to wait until the pain had gone)….. It is nice, but I do (however) still catch myself waiting for the pain which does not come.LOL

One thing I noticed as well (something I never thought of ) I could never leave water in the bath tub . My children were never unsupervised and I, not my husband, bathed them. I gave very little baths for the first year of their lives unless I had a bath too. I remember always thinking what if one of the babies drown in the night. It is now gone. I still watch my kids but my husband now bathes them and I also bath the baby much more.

I can't remember all that we were working on, but so far I love the results!  Thank-you

Brandine A, Swift Current, SK, Canada  

Chris,  I would like to take this moment to say “thank you” to one amazing experience and outcome I never expected.  It is the first time in my life I can think of flying without fear and have started to forgive myself.  Thank you so much for this gift.

Angelika M, Smithers, BC, Canada

I am still processing my session with you Chris. I am in awe of the complete and total awareness of this life that a single session has brought me. I suspected past lives, but nothing could prepare me for what I brought forth. And, no more back pain. Astonishing!!! Thank you…I will book again in the future.

Cindy G, Houston, BC , Canada

I thoroughly enjoyed our session yesterday. Wow.  I did sleep deeply and I've recorded the dreams I remembered. I'll keep up with that, and try to begin (again) journalling.

I will let you know what lessons, improvements, etc. appear in the future, as a result of my Regression session. I love that the final life we did is in the future! That makes so much sense to me as an answer to my question about why I feel such urgency to develop my metaphysical abilities. I've got lots of catching up to do. 🙂

I really enjoyed the process! I definitely will recommend you to my friends. It was a great experience, and gave me a lot to think about, regardless of where the information came from. Thank you.

I will talk with my doctor about weaning me off Lyrica, the drug masking my fibromyalgia symptoms.

You are awesome, and I will definitely spread the word. AND, I think Skype works very well for this. Have a wonderful day!

Diane F, Houston, TX, US

Thank you again for helping me (with a session)in Hamilton. That was quite an experience and I keep pondering on some of it!   Since …. the pain in my left arm is gone and I have fewer aches and pains from my arthritis, some stiffness, but I no longer need much pain medication.

Thank you for your help with this. You are doing amazing work and I am grateful for your commitment, skill, and guidance.

Sue C, Hamilton, ON

I would get migraines every time the weather changed, some months it was 3-5 times a month and would last 3 days. 1-2 weeks after I had my past life regression (with you) I was feeling a migraine coming on, I went back to the past life where I was trampled by a buffalo and the migraine immediately stopped.

I don't understand how the regression works, but I no longer have migraines.  If I feel a headache start, I immediately go back to the past life and the headache stops immediately.  I haven't bought migraine pills since I saw you, the session fee has already paid itself off.

In one of my past lives I died of pneumonia, I used to get bronchitis a lot, I haven’t had it since I've seen you, if I feel it coming on I'll go to that past life and I'm now convinced it will go away. I have told so many people about you and your healing technique.

(My concern with being a klutz) I haven't fallen down, banged into anything, walked into walls, doors, twisted ankles/wrists or fallen up or down stairs, it is truly amazing not having bruises all over. Again, I don't understand how this works, but I can't thank you enough.  I have told everyone I meet how my past life regression has changed my life. Thank you.

Louise B, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

I waited patiently to finally meet Chris and have my session. I really wanted to quit smoking, I had said the only way I would do it, was to have no cravings and to not over eat, but I really wanted that dream. Finally I meet Chris and had my session, going back into my past lives which in itself was so amazing, in part was because Chris made me feel completely comfortable and relaxed, he brought me to my past life to deal with and discover where my smoking started and I am overjoyed to say " I have not touched another cigarette since ". I also had back pain that nothing seemed to help and Chris helped me with that also, and to my relief have not had pain since.  You are truly a gifted man Chris I thank you so very much and Blessed Be to you and your lovely wife, you are so real, funny, and kind.

Tabatha M, Moncton, N.B. Canada,

NB: Tabatha also mentioned to me that it felt like she had never smoked in her life!

I have had no reason to take penicillin, so I have no idea if I am still allergic to it, but my gut tells me that I am not allergic.  I have gotten a few headaches from time to time (very mild & I believe food related) but no migraines.  I have not seen any blimps, however, I just went online and looked at about 100 photos of blimps and, at first, felt a bit of unease but then I felt fine :-).  Then I looked a photos of whales and they all looked cute.  I guess the true test will be if I come face to face with a blimp – and that visual makes me laugh.  So I figure I am mostly cured. Thank you and kind regards.

 Irene S, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada,

NB: Irene had a fear of Blimps-rigid airships.

I am doing very well since I came to see you.  My jaw clicks occasionally, but not constant like before. Lupus has been inactive and I no longer check the doors and windows to ensure I won't be turned into a lamp shade (killed) in the middle of the night. 🙂

I wanted to mention a couple things to you. During my regression, to discover why I have Lupus, I couldn't get the name of the town I was in.  I now realize it was because I thought it didn't make sense and didn't say 'Tuba' but I know I said it was a 'T' name. I did Google a map of Arizona and there just so happens to be a town called 'Tuba' and there just so happens to be an Indian Reservation within miles of it. AMAZING!    I wanted to thank you again. I am so grateful for the amazing experience and in meeting you.

Jill McL, Keswick Ridge, NB, Canada 

Thank you for seeing me and making me feel at ease….I really enjoyed what I experienced with you and would do it again!  When I left the session my energy was so peaceful and I had an immense release of emotions.  Thank you!

During my hypnosis I felt like I might have controlled it because a lot of it was familiar, plus I didn't know what to make of the entire process.  But after I left it came clear to me that normally during my waking state I am mostly tapped into that subconsciousness.  So for me it felt the same somehow….. My shoulder was bothering me a little after but I believe that's because I was paying attention to it too much.  This morning when I woke up the energy in it was relaxed and stress free.

The karma with my mother is clearer now, in the regression the man I had the disagreement with hadn't finished taking care of me, that's why he came back to me in this life as my mother. Yet when I was young I still treated her like she was never enough for me.  Crazy!  Glad those days are over and that we are in a better place relationship wise but still makes you think.  Let me know when your book comes out!

 Angelle C, 4 tissues 🙂 Ottawa, ON, Canada 

Hi Chris, Thanks soo much. After last Sunday, the bridge has been a breeze.

Anna M, Fredericton, NB, Canada

NB. Anna had a past life regression session to overcome her fear of bridges

I tend to react to things differently than most. It is neither a good or a bad thing, it just is.

I was still having some pain issue until I opened my relatively empty fridge (it is usually so full I have trouble closing it) and actually felt okay with it. I have always been a bit of a food hoarder. You would not notice it if you came in. It is not obvious. But if you were to look in my cupboards, my fridge and freezer, you'd think I had a family of four and not single. I remember the trigger in this life where I became obsessed with food – a minor incident where I was really hungry, and what I was given to eat actually made me even more hungry.

The pain I endured at the end of that life was a result of that hunger, and the hunger is the reason why I completely missed the patience lesson.

I have always eaten an incredible amount of food for my size. Some people, women especially, made comments about it. Mind you, I eat extremely healthy. Even most of my desserts, treats and junk food have a lot of nutritional value. I never saw the point of eating anything if it did not satisfy my hunger or fill a nutritional need – like if I am low on sodium or something.

My obsession about food and cooking feels like it transformed into a healthy passion. And the irrational need to have enough food to live through an apocalypse (I am exaggerating) is gone. That will surely help my wallet and my bank account. Not to mention cupboard space.  That was the only area in my life I could never truly get a sense of “enoughness”. I'm sure all the other areas in my life will benefit from it.

Sonia M, Dieppe, NB, Canada

Thank you Chris for the enlightening, informative and entertaining talk! I look forward to reading your book one day!

Linda S, London, UK

Just wanted to let you know that since our sessions I have been sleeping better than I have since I was a kid.  It sure makes a difference to my waking hours to not be tired all the time.  I have made my husband promise to see you next time you are through Swift Current. Best to you.

Jacqui P, Swift Current, SK, Canada

I found a therapy (past life regression) that helps with the pain and is also helping me shed weight, so it's win/win. My left foot has changed shape and I doubt that it will ever change back, but then it's sort of a reminder of where I've been and where I am now. Not a bad thing, really.

Ruth B, Stratford, ON Canada

It was good to meet you at Saltburn and I enjoyed your talk very much.  The past life work we did was good.  Since our session I’m not focusing on the hip as I was and things seem so much easier in that area. Love and Diamond Light

Pam S, Saltburn, North Yorkshire, UK

In February 2012 I met with Chris Lee in person for my first past life regression session. I had always wanted to experience past life regression but never followed through with my intentions. My session with Chris was informative, healing and awe-inspiring. I left my session feeling calm and peaceful in a way I’d never felt before.

Probably the most rewarding experience during my regression occurred when Chris led me to the life where I had felt the most intense love, joy and peace I have ever experienced. Whenever I became upset during one of my past life experience memories, he would lead me back to remember the intense, positive feeling I had during that amazingly loving life I had. To this day, when I need peace, calm, and love to enter my life, I go back to that life time and feel what I felt then.

I have had chronic pain in my right hip and shoulder off and on for about 20 years. I’d learned to live with it as nothing really seemed to help its complete release. This very first regression session did just that, released it. I no longer live in intense pain in both areas. I feel very free and extremely healthy.  I am very grateful to have met and had Chris Lee work with me with such success. Everyone I spoke to after my experience wants to see him. I made sure to book him when he returns to my area.

Past life regression with Chris is so rewarding. Living in a state of peace and ease has truly become my way of life, mentally, emotionally and most important for my active life, physically. I highly recommend a past life regression session with Chris Lee for an amazing experience and life-changing results!

I truly had an amazing experience in February this year and cannot wait for other people to see him!

Karen D, Evansburg, Alberta, Canada www.theenergeticway.com
NB: Karen went on to organize a Talk for a group of people she knew in August 2012

My hip feels great… the foot is coming along too. I'm grateful for your talk and for the session. It was very insightful and healing. Let me know when you're on tour again. Thanks for everything!

Rachel L, Souris, PEI, Canada

I attended your talk on past life regression at the Cheltenham Wellbeing weekend and was fascinated by your own personal experiences and also how the mind works, thank you.

Andy C, Cheltenham, Gloucester, UK

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed and learnt from your talk last night, here in New Glasgow NS. Although I have always believed in the existence of past lives, I had never felt they were of much value. In fact I always felt past lives were something people sought, often becoming enamored with them, when present circumstances became too painful, and used them as a form of escapism. After attending your Past Life talk I left with a much more positive, and clearer understanding of past life regression. I now see how past life regression can be used as a tremendous healing tool, with the ability to be a catalyst for one to move forward in their journey confident, positive and free. Many Blessings,

Margaret U, New Glasgow, NS, Canada

Finally able to download! Thank you. Everything is good (even my knee). Take care.

Debbie S, Spruce Grove, AB, Canada

I enjoyed my session …. my first in hypnosis. I'm not sure how deep I went, I certainly did relax, …….. my mind several times I found jolted up into consciousness, that’s why I distrusted the Virginia Woolf information that came up…… This does not mean the 'information' wasn't helpful.  As in dreams and waking fantasies, what came to mind in the session was valuable information………….

Thank you again. I was a little leery about doing the session, I'm sure everyone is!  Perhaps because of your 'jokey' attitude in the talk, I wasn't sure how steady and serious you would be, but I found your handling of the session very reassuring, and kind and professional. Your work is obviously very helpful to many people. They are lucky you are there for them.

Janet P, Middleton, NS, Canada

After the session Chris, I was SO relaxed for about 3 or 4 hours – that's never happened before even after a therapeutic massage or a yoga session.  It was a really nice feeling.

Kerry H, Souris, PEI, Canada 

My problems with my legs come and go. I did find that after the session the problem had cleared up quite a bit.

Kari-Ann B, Mount Forrest, ON Canada

Hi Chris my back pain is virtually gone, just regular tiredness and stiffness now, thank you.

Karen O, Keswick Ridge, NB, Canada

My jaw and neck have been feeling pretty good.  Haven't seen any nuns lately, which is a good thing! ha, ha!

Heather W, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada

I have found a big difference in my memory!!

Yannick L P, Winnipeg, MB, Canada 

My shoulder is doing well thank you.    The work you are doing is amazing.  I am feeling less self sabotaging. Time will tell me more. Lots of light, Thanks,

Amanda C, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada 

I first met Chris back in Feb/2012 at my sisters Healing Home as Chris was doing a talk there. I found it very interesting so I booked a session with him, well that was an experience.  First let me share a little story with you, my daughter and I for some reason have always butted heads it seemed like I was always walking on eggshells, and every time she would call I would get this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I Love my daughter very much but I could never figure out why we clashed.  When I was in my session with Chris he took me to the gathering of my soul mates, there were a few that I saw and some that were dark so I really could not see who they were.

Well Chris then guided me into a gratitude prayer thanking those in the group for facilitating what I needed in this life time, as it turned out my daughter was one of the dark spots as she came forward after the prayer.  Well three days later when she called we just talked for over an hour and no feeling in the pit of my stomach.  Our relationship has totally changed, there has not been an argument she actually calls me now to do readings. I was so happy that I called Chris to see if he would love to come and do a Talk and Sessions where I lived.   THANK-YOU Chris!

I would love to say a great big thank you for coming to Lloydminster AB @ Earth-Balance-Healing and sharing with us. It was an honour for me to be a part of your journey in sharing your gifts.  I’m already looking forward to having you back, to continue your work. I heard only good things and already asking when you are coming back. So it is with great pleasure I bid you Love & Light on your journey.

Valerie Cameron  at Earth Balance Healing, Lloydminster, AB, Canada  www.Earth-Balance-Healing.com 

My shoulder is doing quite well.

Jo O, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada